Gift Hamper Ideas For Special Occasions

A gift hamper is among the universal gift ideas that are ideal for close friends and family members, for acquaintances and also for people you hardly know.  Unwrapping a hamper from Christmas Hampers, and beholding the treats that are contained inside are simple pleasures that are enjoyed by most people.

Best of all, gift hampers are budget friendly and can be as simple or elaborate as your wallet will allow.  Additionally, you can have lots of fun with the themes and contents.  Below are a few ideas of special occasion for which a hamper can be given and products that can be included:

Father’s Day

If your father is a beer lover, you can put together a hamper with some of his favorite beers.  You could also include crisps, savory biscuits, some spiced nuts and even some of his favorite movies on Blu-ray or DVD.  If he is into cars and fishing, get him some of his preferred fishing magazine and place it in the hamper with a car-care package.  The package could include everything that is required to clean his car and polish it to perfection.  You could also personalize it further by adding a homemade voucher that offers your services to clean and polish his car.

New Arrival

Besides the typical baby clothes, the gift hamper for a new arrival can contain soft toys and rattles.  You can also add chocolate or other high energy snacks for the parents.  In addition, you could include coupons that can be redeemed for cooking, cleaning or baby-sitting duties.  A diaper cake is a great gift hamper idea for the new arrival as well.


Preparing a birthday gift hamper provides the perfect opportunity to tailor your hamper to the preference of the recipient.  You can make a savory hamper that includes items like chili sauces, chutneys and nut.  You could also go for a hamper that is filled with sweet treats like chocolate, jams and biscuits.  A bottle of bubbly can be a great complement to either of these hampers.


An anniversary gift hamper should be overflowing with items that radiate romance.  Champagne or wine is always an ideal choice and can be complemented by cheese and crackers, grapes and chocolate-covered strawberries.  There is also the option of adding contents for a passionate evening together.  These items could include candles, bubble bath and massage oils.  You could also make room for tickets to see your partner’s favorite artist in concert or a framed photo or an album filled with pictures that you have taken together.


For the lovers of the soil, you can put together a gift hamper that contains garden gloves, fork, spade, bulbs, packets of seeds and pruning shears.  You could also add in nice soaps, hand cream, kneeling pads, sun hat, planting guide or gardening book.  These can be creatively packaged in a big terracotta pot.

You can allow your creative juices to flow and just have fun with these gift hamper ideas.  Present your masterpiece to the targeted recipient and bask in the love and appreciation you will receive for your efforts.