Send a Wedding Gift Basket With Ribbons

Everyone loves a wedding! The music, both solemn and celebratory, the candles with their message of hope and unity, the beautiful flowers and the attendants sparkling in their wedding finery all combine in an atmosphere of love and anticipation as the radiant bride glides down the aisle to meet her proud groom at the alter. As they make their wedding vows to love and cherish, looking into each other’s eyes with devotion and commitment, you see tears of joy and hears sighs of remembrance from parents, friends and family as they remember not only their own weddings, but the little girl and boy who grew up so quickly and are not taking this significant step together.

A guest’s contribution to this happy day is partly to be a witness to the vows, and partly to help toast and celebrate the new married couple–dancing at the reception, hugging and kissing the bride and groom, and wishing them the best. Guests also like to bring gifts to help the young couple start off married life. Some gifts are household items, often requested by way of a wedding registry, things the couple needs in their new home.

A perfect gift idea is have one of these lovely baskets filled with wine, champagne flutes, and tempting treats, sent to the couples honeymoon destination, or to their new home to greet them on their return. The time capsule or journal baskets are ideal to have on the honeymoon, also, to start recording those irreplaceable memories.